The Environment

Municipality of Medina de las Torres, province of Badajoz (Extremadura)

We are in Medina de las Torres, known as Ugultunia in the Celtic Baeturia and Contribute Iulia in the Roman Bética. Its archaeological remains are visitable by guided tours. The current name comes from the time of Arab domination.

Located in the Vía de la Plata, the Cañada Real Leonesa and a short distance from Zafra, this small town is located in the sierra areas of southwest Extremadura. Dominated by meadows of centuries-old oaks, ecological olive groves, vineyards and cereal fields, it has very varied and unique ecosystems.
Strolling along its different signposted routes, we will be able to meet the wildcat, the meloncillo, weasels and foxes. If we look up, we will see the owl, short eagle, bustards and the ever present storks.
Of great cattle and agricultural tradition, Medina de las Torres has a large number of high quality olive groves, many of them ecological.

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