LivethOlive – El Tractor

76.00 IVA incluído

Sponsorship olive plot Tractor + club livetheolive | 3L (6uds)
Extra virgin olive oil, sponsorship and advantages of the livetheolive club for one year.
If you sponsor two or more olive trees we apply a 5% discount.

Our oil is extracted in cold the same day of the collection of the ecological olive. Very fruity and balanced acidity and spicy.

Each bottle comes in metallic packaging for the 2012 edition plus an explanatory booklet with information on the sponsorship program, the olive grove and the certificate of sponsorship for one year, in addition to the advantages of the club livetheolive:

The benefactor receives at home the average production of his olive tree, 6 bottles of 0.5 l presented in special edition
Certificate of sponsorship and accompanying booklet
Quarterly informative bulletin about the evolution of the olive grove where its olive tree is sponsored, and different tourist and gastronomic proposals.
The possibility of visiting the sponsored olive tree, discover olive growing and learn the charms of the region of Zafra south of Extremadura
Discounts on charming hotels and restaurants associated with the program.
If you sponsor two or more olive trees, we apply a 5% discount

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