Baeturia Alcuza + Domus can 3Lt


Stainless stell pot (alcuza) 500 ml. and a Domus can 3Lt lt of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cultivar Morisca ( total 3,50 lt)

Price of the set: 35,00€

SKU: 040-1-1-2-3 Category:

Our exclusive pot made in stainless steel, reusable for life. Also includes a 3lt can.

Extra virgin olive oil, variety Morisca.
Our oil is extracted in cold (22º) the same day of the collection of the organic olives.

Tasting note

Nose: Medium high intensity of fruity, in combination with green attributes like green grass and ripe fruit. Vegetable notes are also manifested in different maturation points.

Mouth: Bitter and spicy are detected with medium intensities. Next to them you can appreciate persistent vegetable nuances that are mixed with notes of nuts.

Weight 4 kg

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