Ecological olive trees Carrasqueña and Morisca

Our ecological olive trees belong to the varieties Carrasqueña and Morisca, both perfectly adapted to the clay soils of the region of Tierra de Barros, in Badajoz.
Here Carrasco is said to the young holm oak. It is easy to find oak acorns at the foot of the olive tree, transported by different birds from the nearby pastures. Some germinate, appearing a hangman next to the olive tree.
The carrasqueño olive is of average size, although some specimens reach a considerable extent. The fat yield of the carrasco olive is not among the highest, but its quality is considerable.


The Moorish olive tree is erect, bearing in its crown a density of leaves abundant, the branches are greyish green. Its fruit is dark-black in maturation, large in size and ovoid.

Collection of olives at the appropriate time of ripening

Choosing the right time for harvesting will directly influence the quality of our product. In Baeturia we do not wait for the olive to have its maximum weight, but its ideal point of maturation, which will transmit to our oil some characteristics of smell, flavor and color so characteristic.

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