We are Baeturia

In Baeturia, we believe in many things,

We believe in tradition, that way of caring about the complete process needed to produce an  excellent extra virgin olive oil, which is now called organic agriculture but on the  Santo Domingo property has never been done differently.

baeturia ajo negro somos_

We believe in sustainability, in environmentally friendly agriculture and products that are healthy for us. All the proccess to obtain our organic extra virgin olive oil is respectfuly with the envioronment.

We believe in quality. When producing an organic extra virgin olive oil, we seek for the excellence which we pursue through the most careful selection of the best organic olive groves, unique varietals, harvested at their optimum moment and delivered to the mill (which is never more than 5 km), for cold extraction processing.

baeturia to Domingo

We believe in design.  We have taken care of every detail of the packaging for a product made ​​with such a care, that it will  be an enjoyable experience  from the moment it arrives it in your hands. The enjoining experience begins before you open a bottle of our organic extra virgin olive oil

carrasqueña&morisca lata

Finally, we believe in feelings. We enjoy so much what we do that we want to share it with you.  To this aim, we have created LivetheOlive, a program that lets you become a centrepiece of Baeturia.

“ Baeturia, The organic olive oil of artisan olive groves.”