The varietals

Our organic olive trees belonging to the varieties Carrasquena and Morisca, both perfectly adapted to the soils of the southern area of Tierra de Barros, in Extremadura
Here we give the name Carrasco to the young Holm oak   It is easy to find Holm oak acorns of at the foot of the olive tree, transported by different birds from the nearby Holm oak groves. Some germinate, appearing next to an olive tree.
The olive tree  Carrasquena is of medium size , although some do reach considerable dimensions. The olive oil yield of the “Carrasqueña” variety is not the highest compared with others, but its quality is very high.

The olive tree  of the variety Morisca has an upriright bearing with a high density of leaves on its top with gray-green branches. Its fruit is dark-black at its ripeness. It is quite large with ovoid shape.

Choosing properly the time of collection will directly influence the quality of our product. At Baeturia we do not wait until the olive reaches its maximum weight, rather its ideal moment of maturity, which transmits a unique flavor, smell and color to our olive oil
We discard all dropped fruit, and the harvest is sent immediately to the mill to produce our extra virgin oil is always on the same day.