The process

To get true rewards from the efforts made to produce an premium quality organic olive oil, it is critical to transport the olives to the mill and process the olive oil on the same day the olives are collected. From our groves, the distance is less than 5 km.

The term Almazara (mill) comes from the Arabic “al-mas’sara“: squeeze.  And that’s exactly what we do. After grinding and beating the olive paste, it is then cold pressed. The production process of olive oil Baeturia is made solely by mechanical means.
Before being bottled, the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks to protect the oil from light and direct contact with the air, which would accelerate the natural oxidation of extra virgin olive oil.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil first cold press Carrasqueña variety is characterized by a consistent fruity taste and smell, with hints of grass. Balanced sour and which rarely exceeds 0.25 °.
To avoid to modifying its properties, it is not filtered.
We recommended our oil to dress your salad, finish your favorite fish or vegetable recipes, or simply to enjoy it on top of a slice of bread, Baeturia will bring to your palate a piece of Mediterranean life.