The organic olive grove

As a matter of principal Baeturia promotes sustainable agriculture. We do not pollute, our products are healthier and help improve income for local farmers.
The organic olive grove is characterized by the non-use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. This is reflected not only with respect to the environment, but also by the absence of these substances in the fruit which is the only ingredient of our extra virgin olive oil.
By harnessing natural resources such as soil quality, rainfall, ground cover, insects or domestic animals, our ecological olive groves yield performance that is similar to conventional ones, but with noticeably better quality.

Santo Domingo olive grove was one of the first to be certified organic in Extremadura. Since then, each year this certification has been renewed ensuring that our production is free from synthetic chemical products.

In Baeturia, the olive grove and the people who work on it are what is most important to us and we like to say that Baeturia is the olive oil of artisan olive groves.