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Behind this symbol there is trust

The green leaf is the guarantee of an EU certified organic product.

Organic farming in Spain is ordered under the EU regulation entered into effect in January 2009. It aims to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

In the case of organic olive oil, three certifications are required:

– The first for olives groves The competent authorities monitor on a regular basis that the crop complies with respect to non-use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides not authorized. The inspectors take samples of olive leaves and following its analysis, grant or deny the certification of organic olive grove.

– The second is for the mill. Samples of the organic olive oil are analyzed to detect the absence of about 20 substances not allowed in a certified organic oil.

– The third is to the bottler / trader that has to be certified and to observe the regulations regarding preservation and packaging of organic olive oil.

The Baeturia organic extra virgin organic olive oil meets all the above regulations and therefore shows European eco-label (green leaf) in all its bottles. This guarantees that their products are certified as ecological.

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