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First tasting of the Baeturia organic olive oil 2011-12

Its chlorophyll color anticipates an intense fruity flavor

As a foretaste of the campaign 2011-12, we have milled a sample of olive oil in order to show the quality of this year production. The result has been fully satisfactory. In spite of late arrival of the autumn this year, the quality is outstanding. Intense and fruity, but with balanced in bitter and acidity. To avoid to miss any of the properties of an organic extra virgin olive oil, Baeturia does not filter it. Its soft cloudiness is very appreciated for many olive oil experts.

Baetura picks the olives when they reach the desired ripening point, which usually is some days before they reach their maximum weight. Therefore, Baeturia olive oil is so characteristic.
This year, the harvest has been held in mid November.

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