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Baeturia Organic launches LivetheOlive

A sponsoring program of organic olive trees that promotes awareness towards the organic farming in South Extremadura


Baeturia Organic has launched LivetheOlive, a program that allows to sponsor an organic olive tree of the region of Zafra (Extremadura). The sponsor gets the average production of an olive tree, a quarterly newsletter informing about the organic olive grove, tourist activities and the chance to visit it and learn about the olive culture, local gastronomy and the unquestionable charms of the region.

The sponsoring of an olive tree is renewed annually, and a part of the fee goes to the organic olive grove farmer. The traditional organic agriculture does not pollute, either herbicides or pesticides are not utilized. It jus uses resources that Nature provides and its products are healthier.

The first property participating in the program is Santo Domingo (Medina de las Torres), one of the first to get the organic certification in Extremadura. Very soon, Baeturia will add new properties to the program, chosen by its quality and organic farming.

LivetheOlive the commitment of Baeturia Organic with sustainable economy.

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