Artichokes with almonds sauce

According to mythology, it is said that Jupiter felt in love with Cynara a gorgeus blonde girl who refused him, so he decided to convert her in Cynara scolymus: Artichoke.Ingredients
– Two cans of artichoke hearts.
– Garlic. (3 cloves)
– Bread (3 slices)
– Almonds.
– Cumin
– Saffron (or food coloring)
– Vegetable stock.
– Extra virgin olive oil BAETURIA.

Fry the garlic in the oil, then remove it and fry the slices of bread.

In a mortar with the almonds, add the fried  garlic and bread, the cumin and we crush all together. Add a cup of vegetable stock. We cook all for 5 min.  Then we add the artichoke hearts, another 5 minutes cooking, add salt and …ready to serve.!

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